Sorry, but our titles are no longer available for purchase online. If you got one, that there's a collector's item. Treasure it always...

Check out our distributor Wild Eye Releasing for status and updates of all Terror Optics titles... including our newest masterpiece GRIMEWAVE.

Sorry, but Grimewave is not yet available. We're hoping to announce festival screenings of Grimewave: Cockface III in the fall of 2014.


Terror Optics meets Wicker Girl...

Check out a foreign perspective on the Terror Optics production process courtesy of our friend Wicker Girl.

Terror Optics Goes West

For the die-hard Terror Optics fan, here's our first Western flick

Quick music video for The Bills.

Sadly, the hotties in this video are old grannies now :(

Our most recent short film WEIRDOS.

Warning: This video contains references intended for immature audiences.