Attack of the Cockface Killer

When a motley gang of friends decide to throw the biggest house party of the year, they expect a big turn out. Unfortunately they got a big body count when the sexually frustrated mongoloid known as the Cockface Killer stalks and kills anyone caught in a perverted act of coitus.

Watch Larry Park, local town hero, gather his band of misfits and potheads in an incredibly stupid effort to kill the Cockface Killer and rid this town of the most vile of murderers. As the hunt intensifies for Larry and his crew, their biggest fear becomes who will be SODOMIZED and who will escape ALIVE?

From Terror Optics, the purveyors of the finest finds of freaks, flatulence, and fucking, comes Attack of The Cockface Killer! See how it all began one lonely and horny night when the Cockface Killer strikes!