Grimewave: Cockface 3 - UNCENSORED BluRay

Grimewave: Cockface 3 - UNCENSORED BluRay

The third installment in the Cockface saga presented completely uncut!

When the Cockface Killer stumbles upon an underground drug deal, he accidentally thrusts his way into the New Orleans crime scene. Rival gangs led by Asian Kingpin Big Wang and bad ass biker gang, The Douche Lords, must set aside differences to recruit incestuous assassins, dirty cops, and mystical ninjas to rub out Cockface before he ruins everything! Tensions climax and Cockface must beat off news reporters, TWO rival gangs, and black magic occultists at the biggest sexual Olympics competition in the world! Grab a clean towel; here comes a GRIMEWAVE!

Grimewave is a modern exploitation film that lets it all hang out with repulsive scenes not soon forgotten. Sex, drugs and rock n roll are ever-present in this cinema trash opus featuring music by Before I Hang, Fat Stupid Ugly People, Switchblade Cheetah, Missing Monuments, Ossacrux, The Bills and a rocking theme from New Orleans punks The Pallbearers!

BluRay Format - 92 Minute Runtime


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