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The short films of Terror Optics

We like to try out new and/or more retarded ideas, that's why we make short films inbetween our features and other projects. These films vary in length, quality, and effort. Our most recent work is at the top, but don't shy away from the gems down below.

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Spur of the Moment

Made for the 2012 New Orleans' 48 Hour Film Competition, Spur of the Moment stars Rachel Luria as Jane Bell in a throwback to Wester revenge flicks. The witness to her sister's murder some 10 years ago, Jane seeks out on her sister's killer, only to square off against the infamous Montgomery Lawson (Stephen Waltz) in a poker game of life or death. It's a Wester for Christ's sake, of course the plot is as much ridiculous as it is stereotypical. Enjoy! 


Starring genital rock pioneers The Poots, Weirdos chronicles the band's semi-fictitious rise to fame and fortune. Signed to a multi-million dollar record contract, can The Poots deliver the goods, or is their unique blend of do-nothing punk-rock too intense for the sensibilities of an easily offended 21st century?

Fourth Time's the Charm

Made for the 2011 48 Hour Film Competition, Fourth Time's the Charm is Terror Optics' second attempt at the Romance genre. Starring Rachel Luria as Tami, we follow a series of online dates with the atypical Terror Optics flair. Also starring Steve Waltz as the purveyor of red velvet cupcakes. Guest appearances by Jenn Attaway, Ric Kaufman, Andre Leblanc, and Richie Roachclip.

Katherine's Last Christmas

Terror Optics takes an in depth look into the true meaning of Christmas. Meet Katherine (Rachel Luria), a lonely sociopath in search of spiritual fulfillment. Not satisfied with simply celebrating the birth of baby Jesus, Katherine pursues the modern of seasonal consumerism and cheap sex. The only question remains, will this season of giving be her last, or will Katherine overcome her emotional shortcomings and find true happiness? Written by Rachel Luria.    

Creepy Dean

The sequel to 2002's gut-wrenching Sneaky Pete, Terror Optics brings back the sneaky prankster in Creepy Dean. Watch our protagonist Pete (Richie Roachclip) assume the alias Dean, new neighbor to a modern hippie commune. Within hours Dean gains the trust of the peace loving morons, and crushes their very faith in the goodness of the world. Written by Bill Heintz, Photographed by Eric Carle, Directed and edited by Jason Matherne.

Peepshow Creep

Terror Optics goes deep into the seedy underbelly of the peepshow business in New Orleans. No, not really. Meet Les (Stephen Waltz), a guy down on his luck. Dumped by his girl and fired from his job, Les clears his head over a few shots of whiskey and decides to stalk, mug, and maybe take a stab at the lovely ladies around town. Writen by Bill Heintz, Photographed by Eric Carle, and Directed and Edited by Jason Matherne.

Su Misura

The first ever Terror Optics love story. Starring veteran Terror Optics actors Stephen Waltz and Dana Kieferle, Su Misura won best feature and a host of other credits in the 48 hour film contest of 2007. Photographed by Eric Calre, Directed and Edited by Jason Matherne

Sneaky Pete

Vintage Terror Optics with all the fart humor of an adolescent social. Sneaky Pete takes its name from title character Pete (Richie Roachclip), a creepy prankster sharing a three bedroom rental with a couple of unbeknowns t victims. Also staring (and I use the term loosely) Jared Scallions and Bill Heintz. Shot and Edited back in 2002, don't expect much. You're about to watch a freshly dusted off oldie but goodie.