Stabbed In The Face DVD

Stabbed In The Face DVD

Terror Optics second feature length film from 2004.

Stabbed In The Face is a full-blown homage to the golden age of slasher films from the 1980's. Terror Optics' spin on the teenagers-get-killed-in-the-woods genre uses several of the usual tropes while bringing plenty of new depictions of sex and violence to the table with a supernatural touch. From terror to bliss in the flick of a wrist!

Quarterback Joseph Marsh struggles with the mysterious death of his sister while his uncaring friends revel in their adolescent partying. When the murderous tale of The Three Legged Lady is told at a Halloween celebration the group decides to visit the house where her crimes took place. Once arriving to the woodsy location his sexed up pals engage in the expected tomfoolery of intoxication while he is faced with a whole new set of tragedies. As bodies pile up it becomes apparent that it's impossible that all of this carnage has been caused by only one person. Is his sister's death somehow related to these occurrences? Have they all been dragged to the middle of nowhere to be executed? Heads fly, people die and, yes, faces are stabbed!

Featuring many cast members from Attack Of The Cockface Killer, this film is a great example of the Terror Optics early years. The obvious influence would be the Friday The 13th films but there's elements of Night Of The Demons and The Hitcher as well. If you're a fan of low budget slasher films that run the balance of horror and comedy than look no further.


DVD features Behind The Scenes Featurette and Wild Eye Releasing trailers

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